You’ve chosen a wedding venue that you thought would be the perfect place to utter your vows to that most special person in your life. The trouble is, it is not available on the day you want or the venue can’t accommodate all the guests you want to invite, or worse, the costs of hiring the venue simply does not fit into your budget.

With marquee hire from Mullumbimby Hire, you avoid all of these challenges when it comes to choosing the best reception venue for your wedding. What’s more, is that choosing a marquee for your wedding puts you in complete control over every aspect of your planned day, ensuring that you do get the wedding of your dreams.

Here are just some of the obvious benefits of choosing a marquee for that special day:

    • Wedding budget friendly
      The hiring of a wedding venue can be the single most expensive item to sap a wedding budget dry. Hiring a marquee on the other hand is a popular alternative that gives you the flexibility to create the perfect venue while saving you money that you can then use for other wedding-related needs. Now you can afford that dream honeymoon on a white sandy sun-kissed beach.
    • Flexibility
      With an extensive range and wide choice of designs of high quality marquees to choose from you are not restricted as to how you celebrate your story of love with however many guests you choose. Another favourable factor is that you will always have your venue available on the day you planned.
      For certain venues such as traditional country-style options, engaged couples often have to book as far as a year in advance. As a reputable wedding service provider in and around Byron Bay, Mullumbimby Hire has the experience and expertise in creating bespoke weddings, large and small.
    • Private and intimate
      Hosting a marquee wedding reception in the backyard of the family home or outdoors and under the stars offers the attendees the ambiance and atmosphere that a traditional wedding venue simply cannot replicate.

Looking for the ultimate wedding venue or hosting an elegant corporate event and need to hire a marquee? Our elegant marquee designs are perfect backgrounds for wedding receptions, pool parties and all other celebratory events. Contact Mullumbimby Hire for all your marquee hire needs in Byron Bay and surrounding areas.