Okay, hear me out, I know it’s hard to get past the idea of being a springtime bride but let me paint a picture for you……

You’re celebrating your Wedding Day, surrounded by your nearest and dearest, in a wonderland decorated with deep and inviting winter colours. You can hear the fire crackling in the wood braziers as you and your guests settle down to a warm, hearty dinner beneath the twinkling fairy lights of the marquee. Hiring a clear marquee is perfect for those cloud free winter nights, which will leave you feeling as though you really are dining under the stars.

There’s food, drink and a whole lot of love going around – have I got your attention yet?

Back to reality…. you are still in the process of planning your dream Wedding Day; you know you can’t go wrong with a venue in Byron Bay, it’s time to start planning to hire equipment and you just can’t settle on a date! Look no Further: Here are two reasons why Mullumbimby Hire and Sales will always love Winter Weddings and why you should too!

Beautiful Byron Bay Weather

There is no doubting the beauty of a classic spring day in the Northern Rivers but let’s be honest, it can also get H-O-T! And really, no one looks good rocking formal wear with pit stains!

Having a Winter Wedding means you can enjoy the famous Byron Bay blue sky without having to worry about things like your marquee, flowers or even guests becoming too hot.

Are you dreaming of saying ‘I Do’ as the sun drops behind you and paints the sky a brilliant array of pinks, oranges and golds? The earlier sunsets during Winter are perfect for scheduling your ceremony and reception around. As a bonus, think of all the extra time to celebrate with your loved ones once the sun is set and the party starts! I am not sure there is a better way to get the blood pumping and warm up then by going for a good boogie – am I right?!

blog img 2 - Looking for the perfect time of year to get Married in the Byron Bay Area?   Here are two big reasons why we think Winter Weddings are Wonderful!

Availability of Wedding Hire Equipment

When Wedding Season (September – November) hits Byron Bay, boy do we know about it! Mullumbimby Hire have over 10-years’ experience in the event industry and every year we are still blown away by the number of weddings squeezed into a few short weekends. It is something special when Byron Bay venues, caterers, stylists, hire companies and all the rest come together to co-ordinate multiple weddings in just a couple of days. I say, ‘something special’ now but in the midst of it all, it can be pretty chaotic for everyone involved!

The more relaxed atmosphere during the slower months can be a much nicer way to organize and plan the Wedding of your dreams. It’s almost a given that you will be the only event for that weekend; this means we have extra time to make sure you are 100% happy with your big day. Choosing to get married during Winter is also a fantastic way to reduce the risk of missing out on hire equipment due to lack of availability. This access to more equipment gives you the perfect opportunity to create something a little more different and unique to your personality.

blog img 3 - Looking for the perfect time of year to get Married in the Byron Bay Area?   Here are two big reasons why we think Winter Weddings are Wonderful!

Have I convinced you yet….?
The days are sensationally sunny and the nights clear, crisp and cosy – you will be hard off to find a better location and time of year to get married than Winter in Byron Bay.
Don’t hesitate to contact us in store today for more information about planning your Dream Winter Wedding in Byron Bay.