When it comes to event organisation, it doesn’t matter if you need one wine glass or hundreds it is all about understanding what you want to create and deciding on your budget.

Leah Thomas, event coordinator from hire company Mullum Hire and Sales, agrees.  ‘The key to successful event organisation is deciding on your budget and setting realistic expectations for what you can create. We work on events from Splendour in the Grass and Mullum Music Festival to weddings, backyard barbecues and birthday parties so we’ve seen every success and stress in the game. Your budget  determines if you can employ a coordinator to help you, how many guests you can invite, if you require a venue and all those bigger details that need to be considered before an event can be locked in,’ she explains.

Avoid stress – stick to your budget

In fact she recommends that you work out early on what your budget is, make sure there is a little extra for emergencies and then to stick to it.

‘Don’t overstretch the budget – it won’t make your event come to life, it will just be added stress and you’ll find yourself cancelling items you have already set your heart on,’ she advises.

‘Work out what you can afford and try to stick with it. But be prepared for some unexpected costs, event planning requires flexibility in all aspects.’

Leah also recommends looking around for the right people to work with who can meet your needs. For example she says not all hire and event suppliers are able to meet your requirements. While Mullum Hire has a big range of marquees and furniture and ‘enough lighting options to create ‘any kind of fairy tale you can dream of’ they can also cater for very small events which not all suppliers want to do.

Relax and enjoy

It can be stressful organising an event and sometimes people don’t realise how much work it will be before they begin.

‘My advice would be try to relax and enjoy the process; make the most of being able to be a part of all your visions coming to life,’ says Leah.

But she warns that ‘event planning can be extremely demanding and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. I often work with couples for over a year to plan a wedding, one of our favourite events to work on, and I think it’s important to make the most of this time leading up the event, as you wouldn’t believe how quickly the actual day will go.

Written By : Aslan Shand (Byron Venue)

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